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We at Collier Imagineering, being an American Indian organization believe in protecting Mother Earth and taking only what we need, but always giving back.

Therefore, we have become affiliated with people of like mind.  Here are links to people we would like to help carry their message to the world.
Proud Member of
Native American Business Alliance,
an organization of
Native owned businesses
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David Blume Videos
When we finally decide to ‘go to the mountains’ in Tennessee or North Carolina; and work our business from there, you might want to check us out on the Internet at:

At this point in time, we are not sure how these websites will evolve.

Originally, we wanted to sell only authentic Old Pawn Native American Jewelry; herbs, cottage industry herbal salves, soaps and the like

Perhaps, these Internet locations will only become  blogs,…a place where people of like interests and thought can rinse their minds.  Stay tuned…we will keep you posted.