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What Collier Thinks About Creativity...

There is a certain amount of “creative chaos” that is helpful in the brainstorming process of writers and artists, however, there is nothing in the creative process that is mysterious and rare that happens away from the client. The fact is that we are all creative, and creativity in business communications comes from understanding the subject extremely well. That is why it works best when the client is truly engaged in this process.

About Project Management

Success in a project happens when there is clear understanding of the goal and shared responsibility between the creative folks and the client. The project manager documents her understanding of the project ahead of time and communicates realistically, with the client about who has to do what, by when.

About customers service

We believe, when we take care of the needs of our internal customers, our employees; they will in turn take care of our external customers. How we train, nurture and motivate our employees is at the heart of most management success stories.

About consultants

We have never liked anchovies, root canals, flat tires in the rain, or empty suits. We try very hard to downplay the whole consultant thing.

About deadlines

Once you say, ‘yes’ to a deadline, there is nothing more to be said about it. You either make it or you don’t belong in this business.

About cost estimates

We have three simple rules. One, be truthful to yourself when estimating times and costs. Two, ditto when estimating to our client. Three, never assume anything.

About talent

Knowing where to find the right talent for each project is vital to its success. Our associates are of like thought.  A true wordsmith helped to put my thoughts in writing.

About telephones

We can be reached by telephone quite easily at (937) 667-7012.


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